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InfiLINK 2x2 is a highly diversified family of wireless Point-to-Point products which brings together capacity up to 280 Mbps with a rich set of features and cost effectiveness.


All InfiLINK 2x2 products are available across a number of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands with selection of integrated antenna and connectorized models. Frequency band 3.1-4 GHz. and 4.9-6.4 GHz.

Key applications of the InfiLINK 2x2 Family include:

With software settings InfiLINK 2x2 could work as wireless Point-to-Multipoint.


InfiLINK 2x2 Wireless Point-to-Point Solution
GTL-2691 Switch



May 2016 Company "Novotel" held a conference "Smart WiFi for Hospitality"
Company "NOVATEL d.o.o . " Belgrade held on 17 May in hotel "Hyatt" conference "Smart WiFi for Hospitality" where all participants get the opportunity to meet the challenges in the design and implementation of WiFi and the best solutions for'm good, secure wireless Internet access to leading American manufacturer "Ruckus".


March 2016 Presentation of Ruckus WiFi solutions.


January, 2016 year. Novatel doo has successfully installed and commissioned a unique system to prevent freezing and ice accumulation on antennas for the purposes of Mtel.


October, 2015 year. Donation to the Secretariat for Education and Child Protection.
Company NovaTel d.o.o has recognized the need to assist the Secretariat for Education and Child Protection and on this occasion donated computer equipment. Tanja Popovic member of the City Council thanked the company and pointed out that for years not been invested in in the equipment of the city administration.


September, 2015 year. Installation of RR links for the purpose of NIS.
NovaTel d.o.o has successfully implemented the RR Network links manufacturer Aviat Networks for the needs of NIS a,d Novi Sad.


September, 2015. NT-WiFi d.o.o promote European Water Polе Championship in 2016
From 1 September 2015 till the end of the European Water Pole Championship, January 2016. the students from over then 45 high schools will be able to follow the latest news and information related of the most trophies Serbian sport .


May 2015 contract with NIS for RR systems
In order to connect remote locations NIS, Block UPS, NovaТel signed a contract for the delivery and installation of RR links by manufacturer Aviat Networks.


May 2015 Fair of techniques and technical achievements
NovaТel presents its products and services at the fair of technique and technical achievements.


April 2015 Continued cooperation with MTEL
NovaТel continues cooperation with MTEL Banja Luka with contract for maintenance and technical support of RR transmission systems.


March 2015 Extension of the contract with EMS
Delivery of an additional 100 licenses for the purposes of NMS IONOS in EMS.


January 2015 New in NovaТel offer, IP-PBX
Beginning of cooperation with the Polish company Slican the leader among manufacturers on the PABX market.


December 2014 Delivered first Infinet Wireless link on 5.4GHz
Delivered first Infinet Wireless unlicensed link, with the best technical characteristics on the market, for the purpose of telecommunication infrastructure JKP Informatika. A unique product with powerful switching and routing capabilities, high reliability and unsurpassed robustness enabling optimized network design.


December 2014 Presentation of new solutions for distribution systems
At the premises of NovaTel, in collaboration with 3M, was held a presentation of "3M Fiber distribution system RFO NG". Promotion was attended by representatives of Telekom Serbia.


December 2014 Delivery SHS antenna heaters
Delivery of system to prevent the collection of snow and ice on the microwave parabolic antennas on locations m:tel BiH, english manufacturer"Surface Heating Systems".


December 2014 Promotion of project "Free internet in your school"
At IV Belgrade Gymnasium, on 4th Decembеr, was promoted the project "Free Internet in your school". The promotion was attended by more than 100 pupils with their teachers and directors, as well as city and state officials.


November 2014 The new platform "CTR" in m:tel
Continued cooperation between the NovaTel and m:tel. Delivering of new platforms in the world of RR "CTR" manufacturer Aviat Networks. Over 200 RR links will be cover with this new technology.


November 2014 Installation sets for video surveillance
NovaTel d.o.o installed "Conceptronic" kits for video surveillance in several business objects with the possibility of monitoring from remote locations.


Novembar 2014 Certificate Infinet Wireless equipment
NovaTel d.o.o has been successfully certified Infinet Wireless equipment used for RR links in unlicensed band.


April 2014 SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008
Novatel in April 2014 assigned a standard SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008


February 2014 IPTV through RR link
Mtel a.d. Banja Luka let IPTV service through RR link which is mounted by Novatel


December 2013 The third construction phase of FTTH Telekom Serbia, Beograd
By the end of the year is planned for another delivery of optical distribution cabinets from the project FTTH network. Offered solution is staffed equipment manufacturers 3M.


December 2013 SAGEM COM and m:tel, Banja Luka
NovaTel d.o.o and SAGEM COM organized a presentation on the subject: “ Energy & Sites Management ” representatives of Telecommunications RS, Banja Luka.


November 2013 Aviat & Telekom Serbia
At the Holiday Inn in Belgrade, 25.01.2013., NovaTel d.o.o and Aviat organized a presentation on the subject: “ THE FUTURE OF MICROWAVE BACKHAUL”, which was attended by representatives of Telekom Serbia. On this occasion was presented first РP IP-MPLS device at the industry.


October 2013 Work on the bypass around Belgrade
The reconstruction project Tunnel Lipak and Zeleznik, the Belgrade bypass, we have built telecommunications infrastructure. It should be noted deliver industrial switches Case Communications, which proved to be an ideal and reliable solution, and the roads around the world, such as the Channel Tunnel La Manche.


September-December 2013 RR Mounting system for the m: tel - Banja Luka
Within the implementation of contracts with m: tel in the period from October to December NovaTel d.o.o has installed and commissioned over 100 radio relay links in the territory of the Republic of Serbian and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was followed by complete technical documentation.


October 2013 put in operation link 800Mb / s (1 +1)
Within the implementation of contracts with m: tel ad Banja Luka, was put into operation radio relay link capacity of 800Mb / s (1 +1 HSB), which is designed for the distribution of IP TV.


October 2013 Promotion calendars for 2014
NovaTel d.o.o has this year supported the Children's October Salon of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. From the papers presented, we selected 12 papers which were found on the pages of our calendars for 2014.


August 2013 delivered 150 RR system for the m:tel - Banja Luka
Within the implementation of contracts with m: tel NovaTel d.o.o has delivered 150 radio relay device different configurations for radio network expansion largest mobile operator in BiH.


July 2013 delivery of communications equipment for HE Bajina Basta
Together with Roaming NetworksNovaTel d.o.o supplied telecommunications equipment as part of the revitalization of HE Bajina Basta.


June 2013 Participation in the conference
Conference on Information Security 2013, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce 06/05/2013., We presented the work "Secure wireless data transmission", group of authors from NovaTel-a .



LevelOne GTL-2691 is a Layer 3 Managed switch with 24 х 1000Base-T ports associated with 4 х Gigabit SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) slots + 2 optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet slots for SFP/XFP . This switch is also 19-inch rack-mountable and 1 x redundant power supply connector, which provides convenient and flexible installation.

The switch provides a flexible, web-based management interface SNMP for both IPv4 and IPv6 as well as Layer 3 management features. Despite its affordable pricing, the GTL-2691 is equipped with many advanced features such as:



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